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In preparation for the Family DTS at Rancho Abierto, we are deliberately sending our roots deep here. In this season, we are called to be "placemakers" and are guided by the words: Order, Beauty, Abundance, and Shalom. We are finding that placemaking can transform us as much as it can transform a place.

"Placemaking is often a call to repair, restore, and protect...No place is a blank slate, and memory may be just as necessary for placemaking as vision. We cannot make a place new without attending to what it has been. The promise of the past can be fulfilled. Renewal and restoration are possible... Who are the placemakers? They are the ones who gaze out over emptiness and, sometimes through tears, see shimmering possibilities. They are often the ones who look like fools. They follow extravagant and impractical dreams." (Purifoy, 2019)

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