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Families Off the Grid

The Foundation School at Rancho Abierto is designed to unify and strengthen families by providing similar teaching and training to the children as their parents are receiving in FDTS. Our purpose is to facilitate family discipleship by speaking into, encouraging, and equipping parents to intentionally and effectively disciple their children. We seek to create a desire in the hearts of children and parents alike to fully engage and trust God as a family. Our prayer is that all family members would grow in understanding of who they are in Christ and how God desires to work in and through their family.


The English language-only Foundation School is a mini DTS for children ages four to seventeen. This school is focused on the child’s heart change, not so much on academics. We intend to present a blend of discipleship training with some academics. We will ask the children to bring schoolwork from home, typically mathematics, to work on in class for forty-five minutes, four days a week. The teachers and staff will help your children in all areas of learning. The kids will have a weekly lecture topic and each class will be designed to be interactive and engaging. Our intent is to create a safe place where kids can experience a vibrant and active relationship with God and have fun in the process. Short teachings will be reinforced with games, activities, and personal applications.

For children under the age of four, there is a wonderful nursery, filled with toys and fun things to do.  There is a loving staff that provides care for the little ones during all FDTS school hours. Parents are responsible to meet their little ones at lunchtime, then after lunch, they return their children to the nursery. Mothers of nursing infants keep them in the adult classroom. 

Foundation School
March 27th – June 13th, 2025
Tuition Cost: $ 100  USD
(The above amount covers the child's school tuition)
Foundation School Nursery
Outreach training

Outreach Training

We train families to minister together on outreach in evangelism, discipleship, mercy ministries, and Bible distribution. Time for corporate worship and intercession as a family is integrated into the schedule every week. 

Family Gameshow

Family Fun Times

Having fun is an important part of drawing a family together. The Foundation School has intentional times to not only have fun but to process and debrief teaching and ministry outreach times. Sometimes families have drifted apart and married couples have tended to live parallel lives, being more focused on careers than connecting with God and each other. The lecture phase of Family Discipleship Training School is a great time to establish new habits and family patterns. 

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Biblical Storytelling

By reading and discovering God through His Word and through the stories of Jesus, we meet our Creator in an intimate relationship. Use your God-given imagination to place yourself in the context of Scripture. Once you have seen Jesus in this way, your natural memory will be unlocked. These stories will become so personal to you that you will simply remember them and then retell them as if they happened to you — using the exact words of Scripture. 

Healing art at family dts

Creative Arts

Art is a door to spark the imagination, ignite the heart and illuminate the world around us. Use your creativity to tell a story, illustrate a concept, or convey a message. There is a passion in God’s heart to speak through your art. Learning to co-create with God, you will discover the power to illuminate the world.

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