Family DTS

The bi-lingual (Spanish/English) Family Discipleship Training School (FDTS) at Rancho Abierto is not merely academic, it is a school of the heart, intended to help students know God on a personal level. The FDTS curriculum is designed to familiarize students with the traditional Christian perspective on God’s character and nature and His desire to lovingly relate with every human. The school also includes practical elements that will help students connect with God individually and explain to non-believers how to do the same.

During the eleven-week Family Discipleship Training School (FDTS) lecture phase, couples experience the heart of God by living in community with other families, hearing from seasoned missionaries and international teachers, and engaging in worship and intercession for the nations. The school-aged children learn similar topics in the "OFF THE GRID" youth program as their parents d0 in their class sessions. The children also participate in their own times of intercession and worship and gain an understanding of their role in the family and in the Great Commission, all the while learning to hear and obey God’s voice. The goal is to equip the whole family for ministry and to help each family member grow closer to God through learning about Him in the classroom and practicing their skills on weekly outreaches in the local communities in Mexico. At various times throughout the week, the families have the opportunity to worship together, have family time, and engage in interactive intercession, etc. 

During the one-week debriefing portion of the Family DTS, students review their experiences during the field assignment, what they learned during the lecture phase, and process how they can apply the lessons of DTS to their lifestyles after graduation. Our hope is that the families gain a vision for the nations and will look for ways for their families to continue their involvement in missions. 

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DTS Lecture Tuition including room and board.
$2,750 - per adult*


$300        0-1 year
$500        2-5 years
$650        6-12 years
$850        13-17 years

*Lecture phase only. Outreach phase airfare and grounds fees are in addition to the lecture phase tuition cost. The price of the outreach phase can range from $3,500 to $4,200 per adult, depending on location. 

**For children attending Off The Grid there will be an additional $300 per child per quarter.


In the Family DTS at Rancho Abierto, there will also be a strong input and focus on missions and the least reached. One of the goals of the school is to train disciples who will make disciples. The outreach phase or field assignment of the Family DTS will provide the opportunity to put into practice all the things learned in the lecture phase. The outreach location will be determined after the arrival of the students, but we are praying about conducting our outreaches in countries located within South Asia.


The outreach is designed to help each member of the family, from the youngest to the oldest, discover their God-given gifts and talents. Everyone plays a role in the field assignment and learns how to serve in the context of their individual families as well as in the Body of Christ. The field assignment is required for successful completion of the DTS program. The intention of outreach is to coach the students in how to talk to both believers and non-believers about God in a way that would make them want to learn more about Him. The outreach phase also includes opportunities for humanitarian work or mercy ministry.

The price of the eight-week outreach phase can range from $3,500 to $4,200 per adult, depending on location. 

YWAM Values Families

Because every student in the Family DTS is a married couple with or without children, our training can be uniquely designed to combine all the elements of a traditional DTS, but with a focus on marriage and family life. No other DTS can do this. We can see God’s original design for this world come to life through families who follow God’s ways (Genesis 1:27-28).

"There have been so many ‘ah-ha’ moments for me these last few weeks. Those moments in time when everything seems to slow down and I am aware of the transition of ‘a knowing’ or understanding moving from my head to my heart. Truths I have known of for years but now fully feel – all as a result of being here. Of stepping outside my comfort zone and reaching for more."


"It reminded me of what I was taught in Foundation School one week. Love is a universal language. People may not understand the language that you naturally speak but they will understand joy, happiness, and love."

Noah (13)

"Serving with kids is great. They step up when you least expect it and give you the rewarding boost of energy you need. They show love and compassion with ease... They find adult-sized bravery and choose to pray for an old man they’ve never met."